You probably have questions; here are answers to the most common ones:

Q: The Pittman Properties "available homes" page has only a few homes; are these all of your properties?
A: No; we offer many homes in north Knoxville's historic neighborhoods. The satisfaction level of our clientele results in our homes being leased usually within 1 week of vacancy. Currently, there are more than 80 Pittman Properties but less than 100.

Q: You seem to be very pet-friendly; is there a pet deposit?
A: Our pet fee depends on the type, size and quantity of pets. We do limit the number of pets depending upon the size of the home being offered.

Q: What is the amount of your security deposit?
A: Our security deposit typically is much lower than comparable homes, but does vary by property.

Q: What is Pittman Properties' application fee?
A: We do not charge an application fee.

Q: Do you do short term leases?
A: Our minimum lease term is 2 years for a single family home and 1 year for a duplex home.

Q: Do older homes have high utility bills?
A: We have gone the extra mile to ensure that our homes are properly insulated; prior to leasing any home in Knoxville, we recommend that you contact the Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) and ask for a history of the charges. They are very happy to do this; simply call 865.524.2911.

Q: Why do you only offer homes in north Knoxville?
A: This is the area that we are from and have a vested interest in the historical homes represented here. For more information on this great area, please click here.

Q: Do you provide lawn care?
A: Lawn care is provided at all of our duplex homes; clients residing in a single family home are responsible for their own lawn care; however, we will gladly recommend responsible lawn care folks for your use.​

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